Death by Math

May 16, 2012

That last math class almost killed me. So glad it’s over. (Yes, math can be fatal, so be careful out there you guys.)

Husband and I had dinner at the Hotel Laguna last night for our 19th wedding anniversary.  Saw 3 dolphins swimming around totally close to shore! Almost went to see Dark Shadows at the theater down there, but our parking was about to expire, so we are going to see it tomorrow.

I suck at math.  Big time.  That is why it was so odd and funny when my algebra professor pulled me aside after class and suggested I consider being a math major.

Huh? Say what’d you say??

By some combination of hard work, agony, and a miracle from God, I currently have the fourth highest grade in my class.  I don’t even understand the underlying concepts of half the crap I’m doing in that class; I’ve just memorized the steps that will get me the answers that will get me an “A.”

What my teacher doesn’t know is that what I’m good at is not math–what I’m good at is studying and taking tests.  These are excellent skills to have–much more useful than math, in my opinion.

The instructor is always trying to emphasize how useful algebra is in everyday life.  Yeah, if I had a dime for every time I had to know how to factor a polynomial in everyday life, I’d have zero dollars.  Algebra is not useful to me.  But being able to bullshit my way through a college class in which I don’t even understand the most basic concepts of the subject…priceless.

Happy Birthday, Dad

March 31, 2012

It’s your birthday

but only in heaven

It’s a sad day

But only for me

I know you are happier

Where you’re at

Love you
Miss you

This Is My Emo Post

March 25, 2012

Things have been sad and tragic, and I haven’t been blogging because there are certain memories I don’t want to hold on to.  On that note, people surprise me, and not always in a good way.  I feel really alone, and yet, I just kind of want to be left alone.

photo courtesy of David Ballard

Walked Rescue Dogs

March 27, 2011

The hubby and are volunteer dog-walkers for a local private shelter.  I love spending time with the dogs.  I fall in love with every dog I walk, but there are some who are extra special, and one of those extra special dogs is Chaya.

adopt dog orange countyChaya is a pitbull who was found as a stray.  She came in emaciated (you could see every rib) and with a terrible skin condition.  I didn’t see her in person when she first came in, but when I saw the photos, I was surprised I was looking at a living dog.  Chaya is well-fed and cured now, and she is a little lovebug.  If I was going to adopt her, I would rename her Lovebug.  She will nudge your hand to get you to pet her, and when you do, she makes very loud grunting noises as if to say, “Oh that feels sooo good.”  She is precious.

rescue dog orange county

adopt rescue dog californiaWe also walked Moe, a boxer mix who recently had surgery on an eyelid.  When he’s not walking, he has to wear a cone.  He is so cute because all you have to do to get the cone back on him is hold it up, and he pushes his own head through.  He basically puts it back on himself!  He is super obedient and wants to please.  He was rescued from death row at a county shelter.  I nicknamed him MoeMoe.

Then we walked Daisy, a pitbull who I’ve nicknamed Daisy Mae.  She is such a beauty.  She was relinquished to the county shelter by a family who could no longer take care of her (how sad!), and we took her from there.

Last to get walked was Dexter, who is also a little lovebug and also a death row rescue.  He’s a small terrier.  I don’t have a nickname for him yet.  Check out his super long eyelashes–cute!

adopt rescue pet orange county california

All of these awesome dogs are available through The Pet Rescue Center in Mission Viejo, California.  If you would like to adopt from or volunteer with The Pet Rescue Center, visit their website,, or call them at 877. 277-7938.

UPDATE:  All of these dogs are happily settled in their forever homes now!

There’s a girl in one of my classes who reminds me of Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter stories.

She has that spacey look in her eyes, and the clothes she wears are always so odd.  Yesterday it was purple velour sweatpants, a baby blue jacket, and sandals with brown socks.

She often plays with her long, blonde hair during class, separating it over and over into strands as if to make a braid, but never actually making a braid.  Even though every classroom has a sign that clearly states not to bring food or drink into the room, she will sit at her desk during the lecture, with her feet pulled up and crossed over her thighs indian-style, and eat fruit.  She does not attempt to hide it.  The professor never says anything.

Caught Up with My Past

March 23, 2011

Today I discovered an old blog of mine from 2003 that I had totally forgotten I ever made!

When my Spanish class had an orientation at the language lab at the beginning of the semester, one of the main “don’ts” was:  don’t use the computers to watch porn.  We all got a chuckle out of it, but there’s a reason they include that in the orientation.  Apparently, there is a student every semester who gets banned from the lab and consequently dropped from their spanish class due to porn.

Weeks later, I was watching a really good, spanish-language movie which had been recommended by one of the spanish professors and that I had checked out from the language lab library (Cautiva).  Three-fourths of the way through the movie, there were suddenly a bunch of naked girls on my monitor!  The people who made the movie stuck a completely gratuitous shower scene into this very serious history-based movie.

It was bizarre and jarring, but more than that, I was like “Am I going to be the student who gets kicked out of the spanish lab this semester for watching porn?!”  It completely freaked me out.

Today at college, a group of Japanese girls from the International Students Club were collecting money for the Red Cross Japan tsunami relief fund.  I donated and got a cool little paper crane.  All the girls were so appreciative and grateful when anyone put money into the box.  It almost made me cry.

I wanted to talk to them a little, but I didn’t want to start crying like a fool.  Especially when they are probably the ones with family over there–not me.  So I took my paper crane, smiled, and fled.

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross Japan tsunami relief fund, go here.